Honghyok Kim

I am an epidemiologist and an assistant professor at the division of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences at School of Public Health in the University of Illinois at Chicago

I am investigating why health effects of environmental exposures and extreme events are manifest differently across populations, cities, and countries in the era of climate change and widening socioeconomic inequalities, using system thinking and methods in data science.

My research spans substantive studies as well as theoretical, methodological, and simulation studies, in order to

  1. understand environmental health disparities and disparity-related estimates,
  2. discover relationships between study designs and models in environmental epidemiology regarding unidentified selection bias, competing risk, residual confounding, and propagation of exposure misclassification,
  3. develop new epidemiological methods over different study designs to adjust for bias from unmeasured variables (e.g., selection bias, spatiotemporal confounding) and competing risk, and consider a mixture of correlated variables, and
  4. discover new meanings of risk estimates.

Environmental justice is a central theme of these studies.

My research has appeared in leading journals of medicine, epidemiology, environmental health, and methods, such as American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Environmental Health Perspectives, International Journal of Epidemiology, Environment International, and BMC Medical Research Methodology.

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