Honghyok Kim, Ph.D. MPH

Main interest

I am an epidemiologist and a postdoctoral associate, currently working at Dr. Michelle Bell’s research group at Yale University. I am investigating why health effects of environmental exposures are manifest differently across populations, cities, and countries using socio-ecological perspectives, complex system thinking, and methods in data science (epidemiology, biostatistics, machine learning, system science, and causal diagrams). My research spans substantive studies as well as theoretical and simulation studies in order to understand health disparities, measure-dependency, and relationships between methods and to seek for appropriate data science methods and meaning of outputs.

Current Projects

  • Health effects of air pollution, temperature, and greenness and modifiable factors
  • Methods to address mortality displacement and competing risk
  • Human mobility and air pollution exposure measurement errors
  • Social and environmental contexts of COVID-19 health impact